ca. 1780 Comtesse d'Artois by ? (auctioned by Christie's)

Upgrade image posted 10 April 2018 from the Christie’s Web site. Also posted to Marie Therese de Savoie, Comtesse d’Artois’ Subalbum here.

ca. 1780 Comtesse d'Artois by ? (auctioned by Christie's) From Christie's Web site

The Countess is shown wearing a high and expanding coiffure and headdress over a dress that would fit throughout much of the 1700s - probably a robe à la Française. Her cuffs have three or four rolls of white fabric capped by ruffles at each end.

Keywords:  Comtesse d'Artois, Savoia family, Bourbon family, Princess, Countess, French, long high straight coiffure, feathered ribbon cap, square neckline, neckline ruff, bertha, lace, bows, elbow length close sleeves, cuffs, stomacher, tent bodice, vee waostline, full skirt, necklace, gloves

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