1897 Louise, Duchess of Devonshire’s Ball Gown for the Diamond Jubilee Ball of 1897 designed by Worth

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1897 Louise, Duchess of Devonshire’s Ball Gown for the Diamond Jubilee Ball of 1897 designed by Worth From artnet.com/Magazine/reviews/karlins2/karlins5-24-9.asp

It is described as, "A ball gown with an under-robe of cloth of silver, wrought all over with silver thread and brilliants, and with an over-dress of green and gold shot-silk gauze, embroidered to the waist with green and gold metalwork, decorated with jewels.

A long train of turquoise velvet, embroidered in gold to an oriental design, was attached to the shoulders. A bodice of gold cloth and lace was fitted over a whalebone corset into which her waist was tightly laced. The headdress that went with it has not survived, but it can be seen in Lafayette's photograph.

The dress was made for Louise, Duchess of Devonshire by the House of Worth to wear at the celebrated Diamond Jubilee Ball at Devonshire House. It was a fancy dress ball and Louise attended as Queen Zenobia, the warrior Queen of Palmyra. The Duchess may have got the idea for the theme of the dress from Inigo Jones's costume designs for Court Masques that are in the drawing collections at Chatsworth.”

This dress could be called an open robe with an under- and over-dress plus a shoulder train.

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