1852 Isabelle Antoinette Baronesss Sloet van Toutenburg, by Nicaise de Keyser (location ?)

Her genealogical sketch is here.

From Wikimedia. Also posted to the “Early” “Victorian” - 1837 to 1870 Album here.

1852 Isabelle Antoinette Baroness Sloet van Toutenburg, by Nicaise de Keyser (location ?) Wm

Baroness Isabelle Antoinette’s dress is simple maroon except for black lace engageantes that she complements with a black wrap.

Keywords:  1852, de Keyser, Isabelle Antoinette Sloet van Toutenburg, Antoinatta, Sloet van Toutenburg family, van Heeckeren van Kell family, Baroness, Dutch, straight coiffure, chemise, lace modesty piece, pleated bodice, brooch, quarter length close sleeves, lace engageantes, bracelets, vee waistline, full skirt, lace wrap

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