1840s Princess Olga Alexeevna Golitsyna, née Shcherbatova by Joseph-Désiré Court (location ?)

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"Olga Alekseevna Golitsin (born Shcherbatova) was born in 1822, at birth place, to Aleksej Grigorevich Алексей Григорьевич (Щербатов 1-ый) кн. Щербатов and София Степановна кн. Щербатов (born кн. Щербатова Апраксина). 

Aleksej was born on February 28 1776, in Moskva, Russia.. София was born in 1798, in Of, Moskva, Moskva, Russia.

Olga had 5 siblings: Princess Ekaterina Alekseevna кн. Васильчикова (born Shcherbatova), Григорий Алексеевич Grigorij Alekseevich Prince Shcherbatov Shcherbatov and 3 others.

Olga married Sergej Fedorovich Golitsyn in 1847, at age 24.

Sergej was born on August 7 1812, in St. Petersburg, St Petersburg, Russia.

Olga passed away on month day 1879, at age 57.”

Russian Wikipedia has a list of Russian Ladies-in-Waiting that showed she was a Lady-in-Waiting ca. 1840 when Alexandra Feodorovna was Tsaritsa.

From Wikimedia; enlarged one quarter. Also posted to the Russian Style Between 1837 and 1870 Album here.

1840s Princess Olga Alexeevna Golitsyna, née Shcherbatova by Joseph-Désiré Court (location ?) Wm X 1.25

Olga's dress is impressively simple.

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