1780 and 1786 Rose Bertin hats

Rose Bertin began as a milliner and then became dress couturier to Marie Antoinette. She was given the pejorative title of Marie Antoinette’s "Minister of Fashion." Her Wikipedia article is here. The Web site Recollections article about her role in history states, "She was the first celebrated French fashion designer. She brought fashion and haute couture to the forefront of popular culture.” She is as important to fashion history as Charles Frederick Worth

The Recollections article states, "Bertin is in part responsible for the pouf hairstyles that became the trademark during Louis XVI’s reign. She worked with the Queen’s hairdresser to create styles that, with the help of pads and pomade, could be as tall as three feet." She was as extravagant with her dresses, "Bertin designed gowns that presented the female figure as an imposing presence. Women took up three times as much space as men when wearing one of her designs, which ensured a reasonable amount of ‘personal space.’"

Her hairdresser collaborationist was Léonard Autié, called Léonard. According to his Wikipedia article:  “...In 1769 he moved to Paris, where he began styling the hair of Julie Niébert, an actress at the Théâtre de Nicolet. His unusual hairstyles immediately attracted attention, and he was soon styling the hair of women of the nobility, including Madame du Barry, Louis XV's mistress and the Marquise de Langeac, a lady-in-waiting to the Dauphine Marie-Antoinette. By 1772 he had become the hairstylist of the Dauphine herself.

In January 1774, at the request of Marie Antoinette, Autié and Rose Bertin (her dressmaker) resuscitated the French fashion magazine, the Journal des Dames. The princess funded the venture, and the financially desperate Baroness de Prinzen agreed to lend her name to the project as the 'managing editor.' Needless to say, the very first issue was highly laudatory of the Dauphine's dress and hair styles. It also featured a new hairstyle invented by Mademoiselle Bertin, the ques-a-co ("What is it?"), consisting of three feathers at the back of the head, forming something similar to a question mark. Soon it was worn by all the princesses at court, and even by the king's mistress Madame du Barry. Although Léonard and Rose were 'like two good sisters,' Léonard could not help feeling a bit jealous, and before long he invented the pouf, which was first worn in April 1774 by the Duchess of Chartres (the Chartres and Orléans titles were merged - gogm), but was soon adopted by Marie-Antoinette, who made it very popular…"

She made and circulated fashion dolls robed in miniatures of her latest creations throughout European capitols and Istanbul.

Like Worth coming to Empress Eugénie’s attention later on, Rose Bertin drew the attention of prominent Ladies who brought her to Marie Antoinette’s attention, Marie Fortunée d’Este, the duchesse d’Orléans/Chartres, and the princesse de Lamballe.

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Big coiffures require big hats. The 1786 hat is similar to the one worn by the Duchess of Devonshire in this well-known portrait.

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