1737 Anne Fountayne in the style of John Vanderbank (Temple Newsam House, Leeds Museums and Galleries - Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK)

I cannot find genealogical information for this sitter. An Anne Carew became a Fountayne in 1541.

From artuk.org; fixed spots and linear flaws with Photoshop and filled in shadows and increased contrast. Also posted to the Reign of Louis XV Album here.

Anne Fountayne

Anne poses almost en déshabillé with a split bodice showing off her lace chemise that slos spills out of her décolletage.

Keywords:  1736, Vanderbank, Anne Carew, Anne Fountayne, Carew family, Fountayne family, British, long wavy coiffure, lace chemise, lace bertha, elbow length under-sleeves, forward-back flared cuffs, split bodice, elbow length tight over-sleeves, cuffs, clasps

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