Isabella di Savoia by Sante Peranda (Galleria Estense, Modena Italy)


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This portrait of Isabella di Savoia shows a grotesque modification of the saya. The farthingale era is ending and a new era of puffed sleeves and flat collars instead of ruffs is dawning. It can be seen that puffed false sleeves work poorly with hanging sleeves. She wears black lace on her flat ruff that is more a collar than a ruff as well as her cuffs, another departure from custom. This is a deep example of the basque bodice with the rounded vee bottom.

Her bodice and false sleeves are adorned with clusters of three pearls along with her skirt and bodice, but also with numerous clusters of smaller pearls and single smaller pearls.

While the farthingale and saya are wonderful for displaying jewels, the style was getting old and it was time for something new.

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