Constantia Habsburg by ? (location unknown to gogm)

This portrait of Constantina Habsburg shows the Habsburgs wore sayas wherever they were - most of Catholic Europe. She lived between 1588-1631 and was the daughter of Karl II. She married Sigismund of Poland. The image is on the Web, but there is no provenance information. It looks like a painting by Sofonisba Anguissola, court painter to the Habsburg court in Spain. Her Wikipedia article is here.

Her gown has a coat with lapels covering all of her bodice except for a gold band that ends with the point of the vee waistline.

Keywords:  Habsburg family, curly coiffure, high enclosing neckline, neck ruff, lace, carcanet necklace, necklace, jeweled bodice, brooch, jeweled sleeves, jeweled skirt, hanging sleeves, false sleeves, tabbed sleeves, farthingale, vee waistline, gloves, handkerchief

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