1613 Duchess Magdalena of Bavaria by Pieter de Witte (Alte Pinakothek, München)

The Spanish influence ranged far from Spain as shown in this Pieter de Witte portrait of Magdalena of Bavaria from 1613. She lived between 1587 - 1628 and was the daughter of Duke Wilhelm V of Bavaria (Wittelsbach dynasty) and Renata de Lorraine. She married Duke Wolfgang Wilhelm of Pfalz-Neuburg (a different Wittelsbach branch) in 1613.

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The lace-trimmed ruff, with its band of color, and headdress are wonderful. According to Reade in Laver, ed., Costume in the Western World, pp. 209 - 210 (USA ed. 1951) - "A portrait of a German Duchess by a Flemish-German artist; and yet the style of the costume in every detail is Spanish - exaggeratedly Spanish in accordance with the laws of derivation. The ruff is tipped at a steeper angle and the hair is piled higher and dressed to an even more pointed arc than usual. so that the head has the towering appearance of its own reflection stretched upward in a distorting mirror. By these means an essentially Teutonic face is made impressive in the Spanish way, and the owner's prestige enhanced. The picture is of the utmost value in proving and recording the extent of Spanish influence on Women's clothes in Europe. It is also one of the few which show ruffs with colored bands. In Spain only women of royal birth were permitted to wear colored ruffs."

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