1606 Isabella di Savoia d'Este by Frans Pourbus the Younger (location ?)

She was the daughter of Infanta Catalina. Her Wikipedia article is here. She was born in 1591 so this is a 15 year-old girl who married two years later. She bore 14 children and died bearing the fourteenth who survived her mother.

From jeannepompadour.tumblr.com/post/131253780945/isabella-di-savoia-deste-by-frans-pourbus-the; removed the more prominent spots and some linear flawswith Photoshop and filled in shadows, increased exposure, and fixed size at 40 cm high at 30 pixels/cm.

1606 Isabella di Savoia d'Este by Frans Pourbus the Younger (location ?) From jeannepompadour.tumblr.com:post:131253780945:isabella-di-savoia-deste-by-frans-pourbus-the despot, shadows inc. exp 40 cm high X 30 p:cm

Isabella is wearing something that looks like an embroidered chemise or under-garment. She also wears a large carcanet necklace.

This and the next image show the link between Italian and Spanish styles.

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