Maria Josefa Diaz de Morales y Cordoba by Juan de Alfaro (location ?)

Her genealogical sketch may be here.

From Filling in shadows revealed lighter spots on her skirt that suggest the skirt is brocaded or covered with lace.

María Josefa Díaz de Morales y Cordoba by Juan de Alfaro (location ?) From shadows

María Josefa wears her hair long and straight complementing her black dress that is punctuated with her white under-sleeves and cuff. Her jewelry includes diamonds.

Keywords:  de Alfaro, Maria Josefa Diaz de Morales y Cordoba, de Morales y Cordoba family, de Paula Tello Galindo y Aguilar family, Spanish, long straight coiffure, hair jewelry, earrings, fitted bodice, lace bertha, high crescent neckline, brooch,  jeweled bodice ornament, three quarter length virago paned puffed over-sleeves, long puffed virago under-sleeves, back-flared cuffs, bracelets, rings, lace maxi-length full skirt, folding fan

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