Duquesa de Híjar by Juan Bautista del Mazo (Museo de la Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando - San Fernando Spain)

This is the best description I could find for this probable Duchess of Híjar, "12.- Piñatelli y Aragón Los condes de Monteleón

El 10.IX.1668, Mariana Pignatelli de Aragón, hija de Héctor Pignatelli, duque de Monteleón, y de Juan(a) de Aragón y de Cortes, duquesa de Terranova, casó con Jaime Francisco Víctor Sarmiento de Silva de Villandrando de la Cerda y Pinós (1642- 1700), VII duque de Híjar." Her mother has an Andalusia Wikipedia article here. Her husband's Andalusian article, here, states she bore seven (siet) children.

From what I can find on Wikipedia, Terranova is close to the tip of the Italian boot.

The image as found had glint from raised paint in the curtains to the left and the void in the right that I fixed with Photoshop. I also blurred the void to the right.

The Duchess of Hijar wears a tontillo, a garment that stayed in use for 100 years and spread north where it was spread wide by panniers. Her bodice, sleeves, and skirt appear to be decorated with bands of black lace.

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