ca. 1660 Gros de Naples vest or adjustable bodice (Museo del Traje - Madrid Spain)

From the Museo del Traje Web site located via

The caption for this is approximately, "Vest, or adjustable bodice in ivory silk gros de Naples. Wide neckline and sleeveless, tight-waisted terminating in a point in front. Elaborately decorated embroidery enhances gilded metallic thread  of twisted gold thread on silk center that uses floral motifs and a symmetrical arrangement from the center. Its interior is heavily reinforced with fourteen pairs of bones that extend downward going outward. It is structurally consistent with mid-seventeenth century European bodices." The armscyes are set well back, influencing the wearer's posture. While this bodice lacks a stomacher, it has a stomacher like central panel. It opens from the back.

Keywords:  1660s, Spanish, deep vee waistline

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