1660s Ines de Zúñiga, condesa de Monterrey by Juan Carreno de Miranda (Fundacion Lazaro Galdiano - Madrid Spain)

Image courtesy of Ana Žnj; posted 24 August 2011 and spots removed from image with Photoshop and the image reposted on 13 August 2013.

The Wikipedia article for Juan Carreno de Miranda is here.

Ines' dress does not have any vestige of a ruff and the obvious thrust is to the sides so the conical shape of the classic saya is gone. Luis Ortiz e-mailed me and described how the guardainfante, frequently seen in this album, became the tontillo and that evolution is what is seen here. The saya has morphed into the wide flat form of a tontillo. With a draped over-skirt and flattened to the proportions of a waffle, this dress would have been called a "mantua" about a century later. I would be fascinated by illustrations of the supporting structures used in 1600s tontillos.

Keywords:  1660s, Carreno de Miranda, Spanish, Countess, long coiffure, feathered headdress, straight neckline, modesty piece, bertha, lace, long full puffed sleeves, back flared cuffs, over-skirt, bows, handkerchief, tontillo

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