1820 Reina María Josefa Amalia by Vicente López y Portaña (Prado)

María Josefa of Saxony married Fernando VII in 1819, his third wife, and this portrait dates to 1820. She was Archduchess-Duchess Maria Amalia's granddaughter. Napoleon deposed Fernando VII with serious repercussions including:  1) Guerilla warfare waged between loyalists and the French (the word guerilla dates to then); 2) Promoting the idea of independence among Spanish possessions in the new world; and 3) creating an environment where he became a constitutional monarch instead of an absolute monarch when he returned in 1813. Fernando was older and fell in love with her. He was heartbroken when she died in 1829. Her Wikipedia article is here.

María Josefa may be dressed in suede.

Keywords:  1820, López y Portaña, Queen María Josefa (1803-1829), Wittelsbach family, Borbón family, Princess, Queen, Spanish, hurluberlu coiffure, headdress, high neckline, neckline ruff, bows, epaulettes, puffed sleeves, belt, natural high waistline, close skirt

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