1883 (4 April) Maria de la Paz facing Prince Ludwig Ferdinand of Bavaria by Juan Comba y Garcia (auctioned)

I cannot identify the people in the image. I am guessing the woman in blue to the left could be Isabel II (unlikely, because she was exiled in 1868 although she occasionally visited Spain afterwards) or the groom’s mother, Infanta Amalia. The woman in red could be Paz’ sister, Infanta Isabel. Infanta Paz is to her right, then King Alfonso XII, then Queen Maria Cristina. The woman in pastel green could be Infanta Eulalia. I cannot guess who the couple is to the right with the woman wearing a white dress with the man in a red uniform.

From liveinternet.ru/users/pkfnf/post306502106/.

1883 (4 April) Maria de la Paz facing Prince Ludwig Ferdinand of Bavaria by Juan Comba y Garcia (auctioned) From liveinternet.ru/users/pkfnf/post306502106/.jpg

Infanta Isabel and several others wear dresses with small bustles and most or all appear to be wearing short sleeves and long gloves.

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