1874 Viscondessa de Castilho by Miguel Ângelo Lupi (Museu do Chiado, Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea - Lisboa Portugal)

There were, according to Wikipedia, two Viscounts of Castilho, both were famous writers. I do not know which of them was married to this Lady. One of them self-deported himself to the Azores.

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An approximate translation of the museum notes for the portrait follows:  "Portrait of a lady half-length, facing 3/4 to right, wearing a frilly black dress, subtly illuminated by the wrists and neck in delicate white lace. She holds a book  with both hands, with her face creating a diagonal of light. Her  hair with curls is caught high on the head and she wears earrings. She has a gold bracelet on her left wrist. In the background, left, are seen artificially placed plants and ivy, right out of a wall decorated with a motif... You see a clearing light ocher to the left between the green of the shrubs. Like many female portraits of Lupi, this reveals a melancholy romantic concealing a delicate sensuality."

The Viscountess Castilho wears a representative first bustle period dress in this 1874 Angelo Miguel Lupi portrait, but with a narrow vee neckline emphasized by the lapels of her bodice and the collar of her chemisette.

Keywords:  1874, Lupi - Miguel, Viscountess Castilho, Viscountess, Portuguese, curly coiffure, headdress, chemisette, high neckline, collar, lace, over-bodice, vee neckline, lapels, long bottom-flared sleeves, cuffs, bustle, full skirt, earrings, bracelets, fan

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