•  Grand Ladies of the Bustle Era

The bustle arrived while Napoleon III was still Emperor of the French, in 1870. Early bustle dresses would look full when seen from the front or side. Bustles subsided in the middle 1870s when skirts became columns with a train swelling behind from about a little above knee height. Bustles became vestigial, but came roaring back in 1884. Skirts were still narrow when seen from front or back, not wide. Skirts and dresses also had fewer frills and ruffles. The bustle aggressively swept a bit upward. By 1890, the bustle was back to being a vestige and mainly used in evening dresses while skirts were mildly A-lined. This marked the arrival of the Belle Époque.

The albums are:

Bustle Eras - 1870 - 1890  - with discrete images as well as these subalbums:

Queen Alexandra that has this Albumette -

Princess Alexandra's wedding.

Margherita di Savoia,

Princess Beatrice of Britain,

Archduchess Gisela,

Marie Caroline of Battenberg,

Infanta Maria José of Portugal,  RELOCATED

Hariot Georgina Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood,  NEW

Amelie of Saxe Coburg Gotha,

Jennie Jerome,

Hélène Standish,

Theresa Vane Tempest, Marchioness of Londonderry,

Princess Philip of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Princess Marie Louise of Belgium,

Georgina Ward, Countess of Dudley,

Infanta Maria Teresa of Portugal, Archduchess of Austria,

Princess Thyra of Denmark,

Elizabeth Harriet Grosvenor, Marchioness of Ormonde,

Countess Marie Larisch,

Marie of Windisch-Graetz 1856-1929,

Patsy Cornwallis-West,

Princesses Marie Elisabeth and Elisabeth Anna of Prussia,

Contessa de Rasty,

Isabella von Croÿ,

Ishbel, Countess of Aberdeen,

Queen Louise of Denmark, née Sweden,

Princess Charlotte of Prussia,

Marchioness Victoria of Milford Haven,

Luise Margaret of Prussia, Duchess of Connaught,

Queen Emma of the Netherlands,

Queen Sofia of Sweden,

Carola Vasa, Queen of Saxony,

Victoria of Baden, Queen of Sweden,

Helen of Waldeck-Pyrmont, Duchess of Albany,

Alice of Parma,  NEW

Princess Viktoria "Moretta" of Prussia,

Grand Duchess Hilda of Baden, née Luxembourg,  RELOCATED

Princess Stéphanie of Belgium,

Ebba von Eckermann,

Isabella of Bavaria, Duchess of Genoa,

Princess Elise of Hohenlohe-Langenburg,

Princess Elvira of Bavaria,

Leticia Bonaparte, Duchess of Aosta,

Daisy, Countess of Warwick,

Maria Hardouin D’Annunzio,

Mary Vetsera,

Emilia Frances Dilke,

Princess Irene of Hesse,

Duchess of Rutland Violet Lindsay Manners,

Baroness Julia Mary Carew,

Princess Daisy of Pless,  NEW

Princess Royal Louise, Duchess of Fife

Princess Marie d'Orléans Denmark,

Archduchess Marie Valerie,

Clara Ward, and

Hermione Wilhelmina Fitzgerald, Duchess of Leinster.

Iberian Style in the Bustle Periods - with discrete images as well as these subalbums:

Josefa Manzanedo,

Maria das Neves,

María del Carmen Aragón Azlor e Idiáquez, duquesa de Villahermosa,

Infantas Isabel ("La Chata"), Paz, and Eulalia that has these Albumettes -

Infanta Maria Isabel, "La Chata" (Isabel),

Infanta Maria de la Paz (Paz)

Infanta Maria de Pilar, and

Infanta Eulalia.

Queen Maria de las Mercedes,

Reina Maria Cristina de Habsburgo

Purificación Fontán,  and

Marie Amelie d'Orleans, Queen of Portugal.

Russian Style in the Bustle Periods - with discrete images as well as these subalbums:

Grand Princess Olga Konstantinovna, Queen of the Hellenes,

Princess Dagmar of Denmark — Tsaritsa Maria Feodorovna of Russia, that has this Albumette:

Dresses Worn by Maria Feodorovna.

Grand Princess Maria Alexandrovna, Duchess of Edinburgh and Coburg,

Zinaida Skobeleva,

Grand Princess Anastasia Mikhailovna,

Grand Princess Maria Pavlovna the Elder,

Grand Princess Elizaveta Mavrikievna - "Mavra", and

Grand Princess Elisabeth of Hesse, "Ella".

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