SUBALBUM:  Queen Sophie Charlotte of Prussia

The Schloß Charlottenberg in downtown Berlin is named after this Sophie Charlotte. She was the daughter of Sophie von der Pfalz. The blog beyondthepale has an article about Sophie Charlotte of Prussia, née Hanover, that includes this:  "...Sophia Charlotte of Hanover – later, Queen of Prussia – had the palace built – then known as Litzenburg – as a little place to hold her court and, mainly to surround herself with philosophers, scientists, artists and musicians. She was renowned for being incredibly intelligent and a huge supporter of the Arts, as well as an internationally acclaimed beauty.

A contemporary, on meeting her, described her thus: “She has big, gentle eyes, thick black hair, eyebrows as if drawn by a compass, a well-proportioned nose, incarnadine lips, very good teeth and a lively complexion.”

She may not be what modern standards describe good looking, today, but this goes to show our changing view of what constitutes female beauty. Her Wikipedia article states, "Sophia Charlotte was such a formidable personage that when Tsar Peter the Great first met her and her mother on his Grand Embassy in 1697, he was so overwhelmed and intimidated that he could not speak. Both women put him at ease, and he reciprocated with his natural humour and trunks full of brocade and furs."

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