R. N. Stroganova by Ivan Nikitich Nikitin (location unknown to gogm)

This Russian lady portrayed by Ivan Nikitich Nikitin shows Western style just beginning to enter Russia. Peter the Great westernized Russia, including dress, after his accession in 1682. Russian style is derived from western style, but can be much more more opulent. Here is a Russian lady of the Stroganov family attempting to deal with a Fontanges-style headdress and engageantes. Notice the cameo of Peter the Great on her throat.The Wikipedia article for Ivan Nikitich Nikitin is here.

The Stroganov family are Russian nobility that recur throughout Tsarist history, akin to the Spencer family in the UK or the Albas in Spain.

R. N. Stroganova attempts to blend western features and traditional Russian dress in this Nikitin portrait.

Keywords:  Nikitin, Stroganov family, straight coiffure, headdress, lace, high neckline, three quarter length puffed sleeves, engageantes, coat, fur, cameo

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