Marquise de Louville by Hyacinthe Rigaud (auctioned by Christie's)

This is probably Angélique Louise Sophie d'Allonville de Louville, marquise de Baglion. If so, she was daughter of Charles d'Allonville, marquis de Louville 1664-1731 and Hyacinthe Sophie Béchameil de Nointel 1690-1757 and the wife of Pierre François Marie de Baglion, comte de La Salle (married 10 June 1733). From; image size doubled by gogm.

This portrait of the Marquise de Louville is almost a clone of Rigaud's 1711 portrait of Marie Madeleine Coskaer de la Vieuville Parabere.

Keywords:  Rigaud, Marquise, French, long straight coiffure, floral headdress, scoop décolletage, chemise, lace, elbow length under-sleeves, engageantess, split bodice, lining, elbow length full sleeves, belt, full skirt, brooch, clasps, wrap

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