Madame comtesse de Roure wearing an un-draped over-skirt

From; flaws in background removed with Photoshop and sepia tone removed by gogm.

Mme. de Roure's dress has a combined over-bodice and over-skirt cinched under a waist band over an elaborate brocade under-skirt in this print portrait. Her over-skirt is not draped in mantua style.

Keywords:  Victoire de Caumont La Force, comtesse du Roure, Countess of Roure, La Force family, Scipion family, Countess, French, mistress, Louis de France - le Grand Dauphin, curly coiffure, jeweled feathered headress, chemise, modesty piece, trapezoidal neckline, under-sleeves, laced over-bodice, elbow length full over-sleeves, waist band, natural waistline, bustle, full over-skirt, train, wrap

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