Le jeu de quille by Nicolas Arnoult

From marinni.livejournal.com; posted 24 November 2012; sepia tone removed by gogm.

Here's another example of wearing a dressy mantua and Fontanges outdoors. A mature woman's silhouette from the waistline rises straight up, then goes back sharply, suggesting the Lady's trunk was pushed back at an angle above the waistline. The children are dressed as miniature adults. Mom appears to be carrying a watch on a chatelaine or chain.

Keywords:  Arnoult, Fremch, curly coiffure, Fontanges headdress, lace, lappets, ribbon headdress, trapezoidal neckline, chemise, modesty piece, elbow length close under-sleeves, engageantes, stomacher, revers, stomacher, elbow length full over-sleeves, cuffs, mantua, under-skirt, necklace, watch

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