Ladies throwing flowers by Henri Gascar (Pałac Zamoyskich - Kozłówka, województwo lubelskie, Poland)

The Lady in the dress with vertical orange and gold stripes has been identified as Sophia Dorothea of Cella or Marie Casimire (with Teresa Kunegunda). Images of Sophia Dorothea are here; of Maria Kazimiera here; and Teresa Kunigunde here.

The Lady in the blue and gold dress wears robes. Maria Kazimiera was Queen of Poland between 1674 and 1696 while her daughter Teresa Kunigunde was Electress of Bavaria from 1695 to 1726. Sophia Dorothea had a spectacularly unsuccessful marriage. So I am guessing the Lady in robes is Theresa Kunigunde. The Lady in the orange and gold dress could be Maria Kazimiera and the others could be Ladies-in-Waiting of the Polish court.

From Wikimedia.

Ladies throwing flowers by Henri Gascar (Pałac Zamoyskich - Kozłówka, województwo lubelskie, Poland) Wm

The highest Lady wears a mantua while the robed Lady’s dress has a waist band like some mantuas. All of the Ladies have curly coiffures without fripon curls while the highest Lady also has handlebar curls, possibly a holdout from the hurluberlu period. The second Lady from the left has a coiffure with a slight center cleft, a feature that wille become prominent in a few years. Most of the dresses are made of brocade and most wear lace-edged chemises as modesty pieces for off shoulder vee necklines. All, even the little girls, wear earrings and necklaces. The second Lady from the left wears a dress with a rust-colored bodice under a blue over-bodice. All of the bodices are split in the center.

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