Dame de qualité by ? (auctioned by De Baecque & Associés)

From debaecque.auction.fr/_fr/vente/monnaies-bijoux-or-et-argent-mobilier-objets-d-rsquo-art-tableaux-du-xixe-siecle-et-ecoles-regionales-42701?affichage=vignettes&page=8#.WWB3n8aZPSI. I saw this image had numerous spots and some flaws when I checked the quality of the first loading of this image so I removed the spots and flaws with Photoshop and reposted the image.

Dame de qualité by ? (auctioned by De Baecque & Associés) From debaecque.auction.fr:

Madame’s lace chemise provides a needed modesty piece as well as cuffs for her plunging neckline under the leather half bodice. The subdued fripon curls and half bodice date this to the end of the reign of Louis XIV. Her upper sleeve is turned up into a point.

Keywords:  French, long curly coiffure, feathered cap, fitted bodice, vee décolletage, pointed upper sleeves, elbow length flared lower sleeves, arm bands, clasps, lace chemise, trapezoidal neckline, lace flared cuffs, half bodice, vee waistline, wrap

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