Contessa Rosa Arconati by ? (auctioned by Dorotheum)

The caption at lower left would translate to something like "Josepha Marianna Sister professing (at) Maria Magdalena Monestary, daughter (of) Count Joseph Maria Arconati, worldly (name) Rosa." By analogy to the portrait of Sister Anna Josepha, née Arconati, this was probably painted by Pier Francesco Cittadini. The name Rosa appears at the end of the caption so the name of the woman in the Cittadini portrait captioned Anna Josepha could be Livia.

From Wikimedia; spots and scuff marks on the lower part of the canvas, including a scuff mark over the tip of the shoe, removed with Photoshop.

Contessa Rosa Arconati by ? (auctioned by Dorotheum) Wm desspot descuff

Countess Rosa's coiffure is a tour de force of later 1600s coiffure without a Fontanges headdress. Her dress is sumptuous.

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