ca. 1700 Charlotte Desmares, dite Lolotte by Pierre Gobert (auctioned by ?)

How do you get yourself ahead? One surefire way for beautiful women has been to partner with a rich, powerful man. Christine Antoinette Charlotte Desmares, lead comedienne in the Comédie-Français, became mistress of Louis de France, heir apparent who died in 1711, and then Phillipe II d'Orléans, future regent for Louis XV. She bore Phillipe a daughter, Philippa Angélique de Froissy, who was legitamized and became comtesse de Ségur. According to her French-language Wikipedia article, she ended her life with the Swiss banker Antoine Hogguer.

She plays Cleopatra or she plays giving Cupid a pearl in this portrait.


ca. 1700 Charlotte Desmares, dite Lolotte by Pierre Gobert (auctioned by ?) From

Cleopatra never looked like this. This Cleopatra wears turn-of-the-century brocade dress with half bodice and French royal blue robes. She is not wearing fripon curls, but she is showing a lot of leg.

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