ca. 1685/1690 Elizabeth Rivett (1668–1730), Mrs Thomas Chute by ? (The Vyne - Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK)

Genealogical information about her can be found here. Her mother-in-law was Catherine Chute, née Lennard.

There was a settlement called Port Royal on Jamaica, a large island south of Cuba, on the seaward side of Kingston that was thriving when this portrait was painted. It was a pirate bastion and known as one of the wickedest places on the earth - quite the opposite of the genteel scene portrayed here. The word “seismology” would have meant nothing, much less “plate tectonics.” They didn’t know sand turns to quicksand in an earthquake, and the word “tsunami” would have also meant nothing. But Jamaica is on a plate boundary and there was an earthquake in 1692. The buildings of Port Royal were built on sand. They sank into the quick sand with all occupants when the earthquake struck. Pedestrians were also swallowed in quicksand. Tsunamis demolished what was left. Not very genteel.

From; filled in shadows, increased exposure, and enlarged one third.

ca. 1685:1690 Elizabeth Rivett (1668–1730), Mrs Thomas Chute by ?  (The Vyne -Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK) From shadows increased exposure X 4:3

This is portrait casual in the Lely style, but with substantial jewelry and a lace bertha or frill.

Keywords:  Elizabeth Rivett, Elizabeth Chute, Mrs. Thomas Chute, Rivett family, Chute family, British, wavy coiffure, chemise, ruffled bertha, three quarter length full flared virago sleeves, jeweled arm bands, wrap

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