ca. 1658 Lady Anne Meres by ? (Fishing Heritage Centre - Grimsby, Lincolnshire UK)

I believe the date may be a transposed the 8 and 5. The coiffure with fripon curls is end- and turn-of-the-century. The site has this one sentence item about her, "Lady Ann Meres was married to Sir Charles Meres of Kiton in Lincolnshire. Interestingly, she was the daughter of Sir Erasmus de la Fontaine (a name that will ring a bell with somebody I believe)." Her husband's article in thepeerage is here; there is no article or mention of her in thepeerage.


This is the first "British Ice Queen" portrait posted in these albums. The dress is simple, but of opulent material and the sitter looks out in arrogant manner. Her hair is dropped down in curls, "fripons," over her forehead above her eyes symmetrically. Fripons will appear for several more decades making them useful diagnostic features for dating a portrait.

Keywords:  Lady Anne Meres, Meres family, Fontaine family, long straight coiffure, headdress, square neckline, modesty piece lace, flared sleeves

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