1700 La princesse de Conti douairière (Versailles)

From Wikimedia; spots and smears removed from background, image rotated to being orthogonal, and new borders added with Photoshop by gogm.

Marie Anne's dress is not the usual Fontanges-era style. The blue vest-like laced bodice has rectangular rever panels as well as a crenelated bottom and not a whisper of a vee or basque waistline. She wears a blue under-skirt as well as a blue under-bodice. Red robes  provide her notched over-sleeves as well as an over-skirt. And she does not wear a prominent headdress.

Keywords:  1700, Marie Anne de Bourbon (1697–1741), Bourbon family, Princess, French, long curly coiffure, chemise, modesty piece, lace, square neckline, three quarter length under-sleeves, engageantes, laced under-bodice, revers, tabbed bodice, close under-skirt, robes, three quarter length notched full over-sleeves, fur, scarf, gloves

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