1698 Comtesse Mailly

The Comtesse Mailly shows off a mantua in 1698 with opulent under-skirt, a bodice with ribbons arranged en echelle, and a Fontanges headdress. Upgrade image posted 20 May 2015 from vidhibhasin.wordpress.com/category/uncategorized/.

1698 Comtesse Mailly From vidhibhasin.wordpress.com:category:uncategorized: edged

Her Fontanges headdress is raked forwards while her mantua has a basket bustle. The elaborate under-skirt is gorgeous. Her jacket bodice has revers enclosing a stomacher and her sleeves have engageantes, features that would persist until the French Revolution almost a century later. Gloves, long ones, are part of her accessories.

Keywords:  1698, Marquise, French, Fontanges headdress, cap, high square neckline, jacket bodice, stomacher, ribbons en echelle, revers, long close sleeves, engageantes, gloves, mantua, under-skirt, necklace, fan

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