1694 playing cards at court

From kipar.org which has this note:  "The third person from the right, seated, with a blond periwig, is the Grand Dauphin, the son Louis XIV's, who died before his father." The play of light and shadow is interesting.

This 1694 print shows Ladies' dresses with trains and Fontanges headdresses being worn in an actual setting. The right Lady's bustle is folded at the top while the bustle of the center and left hand Ladies fall directly from their waistlines. The Ladies to the sides have paired forehead curls.

Keywords:  1694, French, high curly coiffure, Fontanges headdress, fitted bodice, necklace, off shoulder straight neckline, trapezoidal neckline, lace bertha, modesty piece, stomacher, lapels, three quarter length close sleeves, engageantes, bustle, train, gloves

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