1687 Femme de qualité en habit d’Hyver

This woman of quality wears a close-fitting skirt and a huge hood in this 1687 fashion plate. She is protecting her entire head with a hood so the hood needs the frills of a Fontanges headdress; supplied by two rows of bows and a ruffled and, probably, a lace lining of her hood. There is a residual puffed sleeve between two sets of frills. Her outer skirt has a sewn-in pocket on the visible side, presumably matched by one on the other side. One of her shoes is shown near where her train touches the ground. The under-skirt has an ornamental band, a passement, to protect the rest of it from soiling. She may be wearing a blue coat that she is adjusting with one hand.

Keywords:  1687, curly coiffure, hood, bows, three quarter length close sleeves, muff, under-skirt, passementerie, pockets, train, shoes, necklace, muff

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