1684 Marie de Lorraine, mlle de Guise

Duchess Marie of Guise was the daughter of Henriette Catherine de JoyeuseAnne Marie Louise d'Orléans attempted to disinherit her, but failed. Her Wikipedia article concludes, "In 1700, her trustees sold her home in Paris, the Hôtel de Guise, was sold to François, Prince of Soubise and his wife Anne de Rohan-Chabot and became the Hôtel de Soubise."

From the lost gallery's photostream on flickr.

This is a hard portrait on the aging Duchesse de Guise that makes her look badly in need of a bath or shower. The neckline of her bodice is seen during the end of the Louis XIV era and afterwards.

Keywords:  1684, Picart, Duchess Marie of Guise, Lorraine family, Guise family, Duchess, French, straight coiffure, chemise, scoop neckline, over-bodice, wrap, fur

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