1857-8 Front of bodice worn during Orsini's attack (Chateau de Compiegne)

This image shows an evening bodice worn by Empress Eugenie with lace bertha and engageantes.

Felice Orsini attempted to kill Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie while they were riding in their coach to an opera performance. In a style reminiscent of Al Qeda bombers in Iraq, he killed eight and wounded 142. The Emperor and Empress were unharmed and made it to the show as a political gesture. Wikipedia's article about Orsini's attack is here.

Photo credit - Rene-Gabriel Ojeda.

Keywords:  1857, Ojeda, Empress Eugenie, Empress, Bonaparte family, French, off shoulder vee neckline, pleated bodice, ruffles, engageantes, lace, quarter length sleeves, deep vee waistline

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