SUBALBUM:  Queen Henrietta Maria

Henriette Marie de Bourbon continued the tradition of close Franco-Scottish relations when she married Charles I. But the marriage engendered hostility among the Puritans in England because she was Catholic. Charles was inflexible and strongly believed in the Divine Right of Kings. He was terminated with extreme prejudice in 1649. According to Wikipedia, she settled in Paris, almost destitute. She angered both Royalists in exile and her eldest son by attempting to convert her youngest son, Henry, to Catholicism. She returned to England following the Restoration in October 1660 and lived as 'Dowager Queen' and 'Queen Mother' at Somerset House in London until 1665 when she returned permanently to France. After her son's restoration, she travelled to England where Pepys, on 22 November 1660, met her and described her as a 'very little plain old woman, and nothing more in her presence in any respect nor garb than any ordinary woman.' Her financial problems were resolved by a generous pension. She founded a convent at Chaillot, where she settled.

In 1661, she saw her youngest daughter Henrietta Anne marry the Duke of Orléans, only sibling of Louis XIV; that marriage made Henrietta Maria the maternal line great-grandmother of Louis XV and ancestor of King Juan Carlos of Spain and Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg. Her Wikipedia article is here.

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