ca. 1637/1638 Honourable Anne Boteler (c.1610–1669), Countess of Newport, Later Countess of Portland by Sir Anthonis van Dyck (Petworth House - Petworth, West Sussex, UK)

Her genealogical sketch is here. Her artcle in thepeerage is hereThe English National Trust has this biographical note about her, "Anne Boteler was the youngest of the six daughters of Sir John Boteler, 1st Baron Boteler and Elizabeth Villiers, the Duke of Buckingham's sister.   She was married in 1626/7 to Mountjoy Blount, Baron Mountjoy, later 1st Earl of Newport. In 1637, she was induced by her sister, Olivia, the wife of Endymion Porter, to follow the fashion of the ladies in the circle of Queen Henrietta Maria, and declare herself a Catholic. Her husband was strongly opposed to this step, and Lady Newport evidently latterly lived apart from her husband. After her husband's death in 1665/6, she was remarried in 1667, to Thomas Weston, 4th & last Earl of Portland (1609–1688) but died shortly after, in 1669. Portraits of her can be recognised by a distinct mole (here quite played down) to the side of her nose.” They then state, "A three-quarter-length portrait of a young woman, standing turned slightly to the right, gazing at the spectator, wearing a rose coloured dress, a rose-brown scarf flying behind her. She is pointing to the right with her right hand, whilst holding her dress with her left hand. Behind is a parapet with the sky in the right background.” She had children by her first husband.


The Honourable Anne Boteler (c.1610-1669), Countess of Newport, Later Countess of Portland

Anne Boteler could be posing for a Lely portrait decades later in lounging dress, but the artist is van Dyck and this is 1637.

Keywords:  1637, van Dyck, Anne Boteler, Anne Blount, Countess of Newport, Boteler family, Blount family, Countess, British, proto-hurluberlu coiffure, chignon, bangs, earrings, necklace, chemise, modesty piece, trapezoidal neckline, elbow length under-sleeves, under-bodice, brooch, split bodice, elbow length paned flared over-sleeves, clasps, close skirt, scarf

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