1638-1645 Elizabeth Wray (c.1603–1645), Baroness Norris possibly by John Hayls (The Geffrye, Museum of the Home - London, UK)

According to her Wikipedia article, she was an only child and Baroness suo jure (in her own right). She eloped with the Groom of the King’s Bedchamber for King James I, Edward Wray, in 1622. The King had other plans for who she would marry. She fled to half-uncle, Henry de Vere, 18th Earl of Oxford, for protection. Her husband lost his job. They reunited some years later and had a daughter, Bridget Wray.

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Elizabeth Wray (c.1603-1645), Baroness Norris

Elizabeth’s dress has a narrow modesty piece and stomacher attached to the rest of her bodice so it only looks like a jacket bodice with stomacher. The dates are supposed to range from 1638 and 1645, but this style is much closer to 1638.

Keywords:  1638, Hayls, Elizabeth Norris, Baroness Norreys of Rycote, Norris family, Wray family, Baroness, British, proto-hurluberlu coiffure, hair jewelry, bun, earrings, necklace, jacket basque bodice, trapezoidal décolletage, modesty piece, stomacher, three quarter length puffed sleeves, lace-trimmed turned back cuffs, close skirt, wrap

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