1630s Polyxena Spinola Guzmán de Laganés by Sir Anthonis van Dyck (location ?)

Biographical information about her husband, Diego Felipez de Guzmán, marqués de Leganés, can be found here while biographical information about her father, Ambrosio Spinola, can be found here.

From fistory-of-fashion.tumblr.com/post/160555904934/1630s-anthony-van-dyck-portrait-of-dona-polyxena.

1630s Polyxena Spinola Guzmán de Laganés by Sir Anthonis van Dyck (location ?) From fistory-of-fashion.tumblr.com/post/160555904934/1630s-anthony-van-dyck-portrait-of-dona-polyxena

Polixena’s father and husband have Spanish connections, but this is northern European dress. Van Dyck presumably painted this while her husband was on duty in the Spanish Netherlands. Balloon-like virago sleeves were in style for a short length of time. The surcote is on its last legs after a centuries long run stretching back to the middle ages.

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