ca. 1680 Henrietta Wentworth, 6th Baroness Wentworth by Robert Williams after Sir Godfrey Kneller

According to her Wikipedia article that includes this image, Henrietta became involved with the Duke of Monmouth, a Protestant, who attempted to depose Catholic King James II. Earlier, he was implicated in an attempt to depose his father, Charles II. While in exile in Holland, he raised a small troop, procured armaments using Henrietta's jewels as collateral, and invaded southwestern England. He was defeated and executed. She returned to England shortly after his execution and died shortly thereafter, not quite age 26.

Lady Henrietta is shown in what appears to be a loose bodice with a deep vee waistline and a more fitted skirt under full court robes in this 1680 portrait. Her lace chemise provides a modesty piece and engageantes for her puffed sleeves.

Keywords:  1680, Williams - Robert, Kneller, Henrietta Wentworth, Wentworth family, Baroness, British, long curly coiffure, hair jewelry, scoop neckline, chemise, modesty piece, lace, engageantes, elbow length puffed sleeves, blouson bodice, deep vee waistline, close skirt, brooch, clasps, jeweled robes

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