ca. 1679 Angela Chigi by Jacob Ferdinand Voet (location ?)

Voet portrayed her sister Laura similarly dressed in magnificent brocade in 1675. Both were daughters of Maria Virginia Borghese. Both became nuns. According to this genealogical article, she was born in 1665.

From patched up; the original image before patching up follows this one here.

ca. 1679 Angela Chigi by Jacob Ferdinand Voet (location ?) From patched up

Angela Chigi wears a fabric or floral headdress of a color matching the bows of her brocade dress.

Keywords:  Voet, 1679, Angela Chigi, Chigi family, Italian, straight coiffure, headdress, necklace, lace modesty piece-bertha, bows, shallow vee neckline, fitted bodice, quarter length full upper sleeves, lace flared arm bands, elbow length lower sleeves, lace flared cuffs

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