ca. 1678 Maria Anna Josepha (1654 - 1689), Erzherzogin von Österreich, Pfalzgräfin bei Rhein zu Neuburg, Herzogin von Jülich-Berg by ? (Stadtmuseum Düsseldorf - Düsseldorf Germany)

Her Wikipedia article, with this image, is here. Lightness added and "temperature" of image increased by gogm. Her husband, Johann Wilhelm II, Elector Palatine, married Anna Maria Luisa de Medici after Maria Anna Josepha died of tuberculosis in 1716.

Maria Anna Josepha wears a spectacular brocade dress adorned with diamonds, the result of developments in diamond cutting during the 1600s that produced Mazarin-cut gems. She wears a diamond brooch on the seam of her criss-cross bodice.

Keywords:  1678, Archduchess Maria Anna Josepha, Habsburg family, Wittelsbach family, Archduchess, Countess, German, curly coiffure, hair jewelry, trapezoidal neckline, modesty piece, lace, criss-cross bodice, engageantes, belt, jeweled buckle, natural waistline, full skirt, Sévigné bodice ornament, brooch, jeweled sleeves, robes, regalia

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