ca. 1665 Henrietta Hyde by Sir Peter Lely (Royal Collection)

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ca. 1665 Henrietta Hyde by Sir Peter Lely (Royal Collection) Wm

Slashing was stylish long before this dress. According to Wikipedia and Chapter 13 of R. Turner Wilcox' The Mode in Costume, slashing dates back to the middle 1400s. Slashed garments were worn by the Landsknechte German mercenary soldiers. Slashing originally allowed a luxurious under-garment to be seen below a plain outer garment, although Henrietta's chemise is plainer than her blue satin dress. This site has images dating to 1500 and later with slashed (or separate) sleeves. Diana Cecil wore a spectacularly slashed dress around 1614. The bodice of Henrietta's dress is just a halter-like trapezoidal panel so Henrietta's need for modesty is met by her chemise. The sleeves with zig-zag slashing appear to be attached to the bodice with jeweled clasps. The zig-zagging sleeve openings are almost like the some of shapes in a cubist painting.

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