ca. 1650 Queen Marie Louise Gonzaga de Nevers, Queen of Poland by Peeter Danckers de Rij (Muzeum Pałac w Wilanowie - Warsawa Poland)

From Wikimedia; spots removed throughout background with Photoshop and image slightly enlarged by gogm.

It is interesting to see a complete middle 1600s dress appear in a portrait. The brown gauzy bertha is prominent in Beaubrun Brothers portraits, but it is not so prominent when looking at an entire dress. She may be wearing a cape or shoulder train, but adding lightness does not bring out details in this image.

Keywords:  1650, de Rij, Marie Louise Gonzaga, Gonzaga family, Vasa family, Queen, Polish, split bodice, off shoulder scoop neckline, bertha, rosettes, cape, elbow length upper puffed puffed sleeves, vee waistline, full skirt, necklace, earrings, jeweled bodice, jeweled sleeves, jeweled skirt, handkerchief, fan

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