ca. 1650 Catherine Lennard, Mrs Chaloner Chute by ? (The Vyne - Basingstoke, Hampshire , UK)

Her article in thepeerage is here.

From; filled in shadows, increased exposure, and enlarged by one third.

Catherine Lennard, Mrs Chaloner Chute

This portrait shows a pre-hurluberlu coiffure pated down flat above the forehead with masses of curls on the side. She wears a chignon and circlet. Her over-sleeves are split and joined with clasps and more clasps attache her over-sleeves.

Keywords:  1650, Catherine Lennard, Catherine Chute, Lennard family, Chute family, British, proto-hurluberlu coiffure, chignon, circlet, earrings, necklace, chemise, modesty piece, off shoulder scoop neckline, puffed under-sleeves, fitted bodice, brooch, split strap sleeves, clasps, detached puffed over-sleeves

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