1675 Magdalena Sibylla von Hessen Darmstadt (1652-1712) wife of Duke Wilhelm Ludwig and guardian of the minor Eberhard Ludwig (Landesmuseum Württemberg, Stuttgart)

Her Wikipedia article includes this short paragraph, "Through piety and prudence in all decisions, she enjoyed great popularity. Her religion is reflected in the numerous hymns she wrote, quite a few of which found a permanent place in Protestant hymnals. From 1690 to 1692, she employed the composer Johann Pachelbel. After the accession of the heir apparent, she retreated to Kirchheim castle, where she died."

From Wikimedia; this image had a bad case of dandruff that I fixed with Photoshop.

Magdalena Sybilla is dressed for a day at court with a silver brocade over-skirt and bodice that is trimmed with gold and jewels.

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