1673 (probable date) Teresa Pamphilj Cybo by Jacob Ferdinand Voet (auctioned by Sotheby's)

Her genealogical sketch is here. Sotheby’s Catalogue Note included this, "The sitter has been likely identified as Teresa Pamphilj (Rome October 14, 1654 - Mass on Aug. 7, 1704), daughter of Prince Camillo Pamphilj and Princess Olimpia Aldobrandini. Along with Voet’s portraits of Anna Pamhilij-Doria (Palazzo Doria-Pamphilij, Rome) and Peter Bankers (Private Collection), this is one of the very few large scale, full length works by Voet, who specialized in half and bust-length portraits of the elite patrician class in Rome and Milan. The identity of the sitter is based on comparison with Voet’s portrait of Teresa Pamphilj Cybo in the Palazzo Chigi, Ariccia, which Petrucci believes predates the present work by a few years. This canvas may have been commissioned on the occasion of Pamphilij’s 1673 marriage to Prince Camillo.”

She was Olympia Aldobrandini’s daughter Maria Virginia Borghese’s half sister.

From Wikimedia.

Princess Teresa Pamphilj Cybo, by Jacob Ferdinand Voet

Teresa wears a beautifully magnificent court dress embroidered with gold and silver with a draped over-skirt in a style later associated with mantuas.

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