1670s Anne de Souvré, marquise de Louvois by Joseph Parrocel (Skoklosters slott - Skoklosters Sweden)

This is one of a set of equestrian portraits at Skoklosters castle located in the north side of the Stockholm archipelago towards Uppsala that were posted on isiswardrobe.blogspot.com. A genealogical sketch of the Marquise is located here.

Marquise Anne rides side saddle wearing a military-inspired habit in this Parrocel portrait fom about the 1670s.

Keywords:  Parrocel, Anne de Souvré, Anne de Souvree, marquise de Louvois, de Souvré family, le Tellier family, Marquise, French, curly coiffure, feathered hat, high enclosing neckline, bow tie, jabot, jacket, lapels, buttons, three quarter length close sleeves, engageantes, skirt, gloves, earrings, equestrian dress

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