1670 Tichborne dole by Gillis van Tilborch (Tichborne House - Tichborne, Hampshire UK)

The Lady of the House in 1670 was Mary Arundell who was wife of Sir Henry Tichborne, 3rd Baronet, according to this Wikipedia summary. The Tichborne Dole continues to this day.

From www.wilderspin.net; some spots removed throughout image with Photoshop by gogm.

This painting shows how people really dressed for a public occasion involving all classes in 1670. The nobility are in colorful dress while many others wear sober black. The skirts appear to be as wide as unsupported skirts can be. Necklines are usually on-shoulder and framed by plain cloth berthas or peeking modesty pieces as shown in so many Beaubrun brothers portraits, and sleeves are very full and complex virago sleeves ending with flared cuffs. A group of women near the doorway wear simpler dresses with vee necklines while a Lady in the left foreground has hiked her skirt to reveal a contrasting petticoat.

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