1670 Lady Elizabeth Cranfield, 1647/1648–1670, Viscountess Brackley (?) attributed to Mary Beale (Tatton Park - Tatton, Cheshire East UK)

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Viscountess Brackley is portrayed in this work dated to 1670 by thepeerage. She wears the casual style that persisted for much of the century. Her coiffure is not flattened by a mat piece, rather it is parted in the middle.

Keywords:  1670, Beale, Elizabeth Cranfield, Elizabeth Egerton, Viscountess Brackley, Viscountess, British, long hurluberlu coiffure, chemise, modesty piece, scoop neckline, puffed under-sleeves, bodice, puffed over-sleeves, slashed sleeves, jeweled bodice ornament, clasps, wrap

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